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Mélange DS 

Diamond Setting & Watch Bezels

Who We Are

Welcome to Mélange DS. Gilbert Demerdjian’s journey began when he was 13 years old. He decided to follow an apprenticeship with a master diamond setter family friend for five consecutive summer breaks. Discovering a new passion: DIAMOND SETTING.

After realizing he loved working with his hands to create art pieces, he perfected his skills for seven more years. He then, decided to start a new chapter in his business venture. In 1995, he established Mélange Diamond Setting in downtown Los Angeles, California where he currently operates and creates his masterpieces.

Mélange Diamond Setting is the creation of an artist extraordinaire and mostly a perfectionist.

Mélange Diamond Setting provides its clientele with one-of-a-kind, handcrafted pieces and stands out with its creativity, meticulous finishing and attention to detail.

Our company strives to give their customers the fastest, most reliable service possible and to treat each customer with honesty and dignity.

"Strong relationships, built on confidence and respect, are the best way to guarantee that a business will thrive indefinitely" Demerdijan says.